Imagine the full VIP treatment the minute you arrive at an exclusive beautiful Napa Valley winery on a gorgeous evening with a full Harvest Moon. Your group of 50 is greeted with a spectacular milestone 100% chard and generous servings of the finest ideally paired hors d'oeuvres prepared by a local master chef. Without even asking, your guest is already appraising, "Now this is more like it!"

After the perfect amount of time renewing acquaintances at this warm reception, and with replenished glasses, our friendly (and rather humorous) club members and their guests are escorted on a private tour of the magnificent winery. (Somehow this tour is way better than you expected. Could it be, the proprietors know this appreciative group has actually set all-time one-day purchasing records for some wineries?) Our tour turns out to be one of the best they've given.

Then it's time for our private winery dinner with offerings of supplemental wines paired with excellent food, and dessert, and dessert wine, along with great conversation and laughs in a setting with all the splendor you could have wanted.

It is a magical night of wine appreciation, scenic beauty, fine dining and friends. We're driven back in our private motor coach, and you are smiling to yourself thinking, “How lucky we are.” Welcome to Lawyer Friends of Wine!



Our group (limited to 100 members) seeks to introduce our members to new and different wines and wine-makers, both domestic and foreign, while emphasizing fun and fellowship. Most members today simply enjoy fine wines and great food and like to get together with lawyers and their guests to taste, enjoy, and learn about wines and wine-making on suitably festive occasions.

Our Events

Lawyer Friends of Wine, comprised mostly of San Francisco Bay Area lawyers, was formed half a century ago in 1965. Each year our club presents a variety of events for our members and their guests. Typical events include: our Cellar Treasure, and our Harvest Moon/winery, and our Holiday dinners featuring wines from the club's cellar and/or wineries carefully selected by our Cellar Master; day trips to wineries for tasting, touring and gourmet dining in California's notable wine growing regions; an educational wine-related seminar and tasting; wine tasting luncheons in San Francisco hosted by guest winemakers; and several other food and wine events at different venues, often with guest speakers, and always featuring a selection of choice wines. 

Great Friends + Wine

Wine industry involvement is not a prerequisite for club membership, although some members are in the industry. In response to a request for assistance in conducting wine country tours during the 1965 ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, our founder Louis Gomberg assembled attorneys involved in the wine industry to help. The tours were successful, and the tour leaders decided to form "Lawyer Friends of Wine" as a permanent organization.